Pageant Consultation

Do you need help preparing for your next pageant?
Jacenta is here to help you! She has won many titles over her many years of competition and has cultivated that knowledge and information to help you prepare for success.

Jacenta can help you with the following areas:

* Wardrobe Selection
* Stage Presentation
* Walking
* Body Blocking & Posing
* Interview Skills
* Bio Preparation
* Photogenic Preparation & Selection
* Fitness & Nutrition
* Make-up and Hair

* Etc...

For more information, please contact Jacenta at the following:

Jacenta won the International title of World's Perfect Woman 2015!

BIO: Jacenta loves pageantry and has been involved since the age of 7. She has won many titles over the years. She has much knowledge and experience in the pageant industry: as a director, as a national and international titleholder and contestant, but also as a judge and pageant coach.

Jacenta’s background is in the Fashion Industry. She has worked in the fashion industry in all aspects including marketing, merchandising, product development, as well as a fashion stylist and as a model. Fashion has played a major role in Jacenta's life since she was a young girl. From designing and creating clothing (women's wear and men's wear). To costume design, fashion styling, fashion photography, as a featured fashion & trend contributor for fashion outlets and blogs, and fashion show production.

Jacenta has worked as a professional model since the age of 13. She has walked many runways including in Toronto Fashion Week, and for many designers. She has appeared in print – magazines, catalogue, billboards. She’s even appeared on the side of bus shelters. As well, she has a successful acting career appearing in tv commercials, on television (both live and pre-recorded), and in movies. Plus she’s had her work seen all over the world… not just in the US and Canada, but also in Puerto Rico, across Asia and Europe.

PAGEANTRY: Jacenta has coached many girls over the years in all types of pageant systems, from local, to national, to international pageants, and her clients have had many successes placing in the Top 5 and winning Titles as well as many major awards. Some of her clients’ successes include the following pageant systems: Miss Universe Canada, Miss World Canada, World’s Perfect International Pageant, Galaxy International Pageant, Miss Earth Canada, World Miss University, and so many more!