Name: Jacenta Barel

Family: Jacenta and Brent were married on May 2, 2002 on the island of Maui, in the State of Hawaii.

Occupation: Jacenta works as a Professional Model and Actress. She is represented by Neal Hamil Agency in Houston, Texas.

Background: Jacenta holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Fashion Marketing as well as a Degree in Fashion Design. She also has a Diploma in Event Planning and Design. She has worked in the fashion industry in all aspects including marketing, merchandising, product development, as well as a fashion stylist and as a model. Jacenta loves to try new things, to meet new people, and to discover new cultures and environments. She has traveled extensively and has had formal training in Art History. Jacenta has also recently graduated from culinary school, where she fine tuned her craft in the Baking Arts Program, the Professional Artisan Bread Program, the Professional Chocolatier Program, and Cake Design.

Passions:Jacenta LOVES to travel. She also said that if she could get paid to travel to exotic places around the world, that would be her dream job. Well, that, and shop. She loves to shop especially for expensive furniture and home decor, clothing, and shoes. Jacenta is also very passionate about photography.

Personal Belief:
"If you Dream about it long enough;
it bad enough;
at it hard enough;
The world will sit up and take notice!"